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She went through the motions of a high class life and never questioned where she came from or where she was going--until the day her husband dropped her off at Wells Lake, a one stop-light town, in front of a dilapidated house.After a few da This book will make you think about the friendships you have and whether anyone would truly miss you if you simply disappeared. She had a wealthy husband, lived in the right neighborhood and attended the right parties.Running Against Traffic is a pretty good first effort with one or two missteps. These references included Paige, the main character, living a block from me at one point in her past.

Running Against Traffic is the intriguing story of a woman's journey of self-discovery and the rebirth of her life.She became a fully integrated member of Well's Lake and made many friends, especially Bryce and Al, her two roommates, and Deidre, the local town matron.The story hooked me from the beginning and as I got to know the townsfolk, I began to like them more and more.I loved the quirky townspeople of Wells Lake (Al, Deidre and Brice), their humor and antics made me laugh, it was so easy to connect with them, and cheer for them and Paige as they face the hardships that life throws their way.

Running Against Traffic is a touching and poignant tale that has a great mixture of humor, drama and inspiration, you can't help but cheer on Paige as her journey teaches her valuable life lessons.That film chronicles the lives of a unique group of very disparate people who form friendships in a small town.